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Leach & McGuire is a boutique advisory offering comprehensive letting and property management solutions for institutional investors active on the Polish residential (PRS) and student housing (PBSA) market.

The Leach & McGuire brand is synonymous with the Living Sector in Poland thanks to our team of highly-qualified letting specialists, architects, building administrators and property managers. Their unparalleled knowledge and experience help guide investors from pre-purchase feasibility studies through the nuances of the marketing and letting process whilst simultaneously fulfilling property management and reporting duties.

Leach & McGuire are currently managing several significant PRS/PBSA portfolios for institutional investors and family offices and overall are committed to managing over 3,000 units in both the capital city Warsaw as well as Krakow and also in other key regional cities such as Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz and Katowice.



Pre-development consulting

L&M’s team of architects and property managers analyse all elements, inside and out, of a PRS project to ensure the best possible end-product for tenants.

Achieving the best possible unit-mix for a particular location is the natural starting point from which to optimize a project. This will include fine-tuning apartment size and type and develop into input on integral building design and efficiency analysis. Comments will stretch to cover parking, green areas and flow/communication around the building.

There will be a strong focus on ensuring the correct internal layouts of the apartments themselves. When it comes to interior design and selection of fit-out materials and furniture, our experience will mean there is a balance between aesthetics and practicality. This will all then be plugged into an overall business model with full underwriting for a given project.

L&M’s letting team take care of the entire experience from the visual side of marketing units through full commercialisation activities until the practical handover to the end-tenant.

Marketing & advertising of a particular PRS project will focus on the scheme’s strength of location, facilities and overall standard. Home-staging and professional photo-shoots will guarantee a property to be shown in the best possible light whilst lease agreement and handover protocol preparation form a watertight backbone.

Once contact with a tenant has been established, our team then swiftly engages to arrange viewings and negotiate contracts. Strong tenant verification and taking of appropriate deposits and securities are also part of the team’s remit before handing over the apartment.

As the process is cyclical, our team will eventually take the apartment back from the tenant broaching any potential issues with the apartment condition before re-letting.

Working hand-in-hand with our letting team, our property managers take responsibility for the entire length of the tenant’s stay in a particular unit.

The team will be involved in the initial set-up of property management and reporting software for the project and then on a day-to-day basis will keep in touch with tenants to ensure proper use of the accommodation and tenant satisfaction.

Monthly invoicing for the units for rent, service charge and utilities is taken care of by the property management team along with periodic reconciliations. This regular contact with the tenant also enables supervision of any technical issues within the units, general maintenance and refreshing of apartments between tenancies.

The property managers also monitor guarantees and warranties alongside our Building Administration team.

Our Building Administration team work closely with our property managers but with a greater focus on the fabric of the building itself rather than the individual apartments within.

The building administrator will equally be supervising landscaping, security and cleaning services for common areas whilst responsible for oversight of guarantees and warranties for integral parts of the building such as elevators, A/C and parking systems.

On the practical side, our building administrators deal with utility and internet providers and waste-removal whilst also maintaining and archiving technical records, ensuring compliance with the building code and taking care of topics such as insurance.

With their ubiquitous presence, our Building Administration team are a constant source of added value to our tenants and the rest of our team in our managed properties.

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As service providers, we recognize that we fulfil a crucial role in the supply and value chain of our client. This responsibility places us in daily direct contact with all main stakeholders and most importantly, with tenants. We fully understand our influence in regard to improving the sustainability of an investor’s portfolio and for promoting among tenants an accountable and energy-efficient approach to their surroundings.


We propose solutions to minimize the environmental impact of daily property-related activities and select sustainable products to help reduce the operational carbon footprint. In this way we enable investors to move towards zero emissions


We create a healthy work environment in which we listen to and value the opinions of team members. Furthermore, we extend our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy to our tenants, supporting their inclusive community-building.


We strive to be valuable strategic partners for our clients, thus adhering to the RICS high standards of integrity and ethical values. We promote transparency across the board beginning with our investors through all our subcontractors and ending with our tenants.